Radio Reading of Autistics Speaking Day

How exciting! Tess Humphries read a great deal of my writing (with my permission) on her radio documentary about Autistics Speaking Day! The show is about 15 minutes long and very well-produced. Please do give it a listen!


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  1. Hi,
    I could not find your e-mail-adress so I’m writing you this way. I am linking to your blog on my blog and I hope that this is ok for you. If not please tell me and I will delete the link. My blog is about autism too but also about other problems. I am attending graduate-school too!

  2. This was really terrific. I remember when that day was proposed. It was your typical “NT person coming up with their idea of what it’s like to be Autistic”, rather than actually speaking with an Autistic person to find out. I loved that everyone came out and started posting, “NO. This is not what it’s like at all!” I hope at least some NTs listened.
    By the way, I love your blog and I like the name of it. That is one of maybe three books on autism that I really love.

    • Thank you, Ariane!

      And, yes, obviously I love that book, too. I love that he called our minds “unstrange.” It’s meaningful and poetic.

      I cited his story (from the book) of the Indian teenager being taught to masturbate in a paper on sex education for autistics I wrote last semester for an anthropology class.

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