Autism and the DSM 5 – Losing Your Diagnosis?

DSM 5? I'm an open book about this book I opened.

DSM 5? I’m an open book about this book I opened.


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  1. Looking forward to reading the rest of the posts in this series! Glad you’re back, and hope you are well. :)

  2. i had read early during the public debate that indeed people with existing diagnosis were not concerned by the change of criteria. i saw a lot of people, especially with Asperger’s, were extremely upset about it all.. my son has Asperger’s but I have always considered him as autistic, I mean, I am glad I do not have to go through the whole diagnosis circus again, but never understood what the fuzz is all about. if anything, it makes things clearer for people on the outside to understand.

  3. I had wondered what the big deal was when all that DSM 5 press came out a few months ago. Having not been familiar at all with DSM 4, I found the ASD stuff pretty clear. I interpreted all the criteria a fairly accurate match with my son. I blogged about it too back in May:
    (I’m a pretty sloppy blogger, rough around the edges, but I think “get it” sometimes).

  4. […] Autism and the DSM-5: Losing Your Diagnosis?: An explanation of the coming posts, and the fact that you don’t lose your diagnosis with the new criteria. […]

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