DSM-5 and Autism: Development and Course part 1

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Autism and the DSM 5: Part 7: Development and Course: Part 1


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  1. Posted by Mel Peeke on October 1, 2013 at 9:41 am

    I’m loving all your analysis. Thanks so much for making it so clear and understandable – it is a brilliant resource.

  2. U.M.,

    I would like to do a “Recommendations” post on my blog about this series you’ve got re the DSM-5 – would you mind? I think this analysis you’ve got is an excellent idea, and I’d like to spread it around. (It would be updated with every post once you’re finished.)

    {Virtual Hugs}

    :) tagAught

  3. […] DSM-5 and Autism: Development and Course (Part 1): The first paragraph in the commentary section about the development and course of autism (there are seven, each one will be covered in an individual post). […]

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