Unstrange Mind in her Cow Hat

A photo of a smiling female in glasses, an olive green shirt, and a brown plush cow hat. Above the image, are the words I am Unstrange Mind. I love my cow hat! And … Below the image are the words in all capital letters I stand with Conner!

Today I read a post from A Diary of A Mom about Conner and his Mickey Mouse ears. Read her post to see what a wonderful person Conner is.

Conner loves his Mickey Mouse ears. His ears and his camera help him feel comfortable in crowds. And most people love Conner’s Mickey Mouse ears. But when he was at a conference, someone approached him and told Conner he should “lose the ears” so he could blend in better with others. Conner stood up for himself and said he loves his ears, they are a part of who he is, and they are no different from someone wearing their favorite ball cap to feel comfortable.

I stand with Conner!

I have a favorite hat, too, that makes me feel happy and comfortable. It is a big plush cow and it is warm and comfy and soothing and adorable and the cow’s face helps to shield my eyes from too bright light. My cow hat makes people smile and feel happy. My cow hat has a friendly cow face. I think my cow hat puts most people at ease, but a few people don’t like the cow hat and wish I wouldn’t wear it.

My cow hat is part of who I am, just like Conner’s Mickey Mouse ears are part of who he is. Lydia from Autistic Speaks started a campaign for us all to wear our Mickey Mouse ears (or, if you don’t have Mickey Mouse ears, a hat that makes you feel special and happy) and photograph ourselves in our hat and support Conner. Conner stood up for himself and his right to wear his hat and I stand proudly with Conner, wearing mine!

I hope you stand with Conner, too!

(And do visit Conner’s page!)



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