I have a weekly newsletter

I have a weekly newsletter now. The second issue of it comes out Thursday morning. Issues will be archived on my website but with a lag time. One reason to sign up is that I announce upcoming speaking engagements in my newsletter so if I’m going to be in your area you might never know unless you sign on.

I am also including exclusive content in the newsletter. Tomorrow’s issue includes a movie review and a long and detailed description of what it was like for me to grow up with hyperlexia. I will continue to write blog entries here, but I am running an “advice column” in my newsletter, so if you had questions you wanted addressed (your anonymity is encouraged and protected) you definitely want to sign on to the newsletter and join in on that interactive feature.

If you’d like to sign on to the newsletter, you can find a sign-up form on the main page of my website: http://www.sparrowrose.com

Thank you!


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